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New Roof Installation in Halton Hills and Surrounding Areas

Our Roofing Services Include:


Total roof replacements

Roof repairs

Emergency repair service

Insurance claims

Certified Velux skylight installer

You're Guaranteed:


Exceptional site cleanup

Courteous and knowledgeable crew

Quick call back

5-year workmanship warranty

Safe/clean jobsites for the safety of our workers and homeowners

Fully insured and in good standing with WSIB

Workmanship Guaranteed logo

Superior Installation

100 Years of Combined Team Experience

Roofing crews have 100 years of combined team experience so you are assured that any circumstances that arise with your roofing project will be cared for by an experienced crew that has seen it all.

Committed Supervisors and Employees

All crew supervisors have been with the company for over 25 years so you are assured that the knowledge is best in the field. Many employees have been with the company for over 10 years. Employees that stay with a company for numerous years are well trained to the quality of workmanship that is expected on every job.

A Warranty Is Not a Guarantee of Service

What good is a warranty if the company never returns your calls if a problem should arise? For over 35 years we have and still receive many calls to repair roofs that were just done by others that are leaking. North Halton Roofing offers a 5-Year Workmanship Warranty and you can be assured that any questions you have before or after the new installation will be handled quickly and professionally.

Customized Roofing

Experienced Estimators – Not Salesman

Our experienced estimator has the knowledge to assess your roofing needs and offer professional advice. He’s not a salesman but an experienced installer who has been trusted for his honesty and professionalism for many years.

Looking at the Total Picture

North Halton Roofing is a leader in the roofing industry. They maintain the highest quality standards on all roof installations and repair projects. Many companies are so called “shingle changers” and lack the knowledge and professionalism to address not only the roof but the roof as an entire system.


Is the home properly ventilated?

Are the vents properly positioned on the home?

Are there cathedral ceilings in the home?

Have there been previous leaks in the home?

Are the shingles you choose best for your home design?

Does the colour compliment your house style?

Are there structural problems with the home that need to be addressed?

Ice Damming

Things You Should Know about Ice Damming?

What Creates an Ice Dam?

After a snowfall snow will accumulate on your roof. Over time, heat escapes from your home into the attic space and will start to warm the roof deck in the winter months. With this warming effect and the sun, the snow starts to melt.


Once the melting snow reaches the lower parts of your roof deck at the eaves, the temperature of the roof deck is much colder and the run-off water will freeze. The continual thawing and freezing will cause ice dams. With your eaves being frozen solid with ice, the water has no place to go and can make its way under the shingles where it can cause damage to your attic, insulation, ceilings and walls.

How Can I Prevent Ice Damming?

The 3 things that need to be addressed are: attic ventilation, insulation and ice watershield underlayment.



The insulation in your attic is there for two reasons: First and foremost, it’s there to minimize heat loss from the inside of your home. Second, to keep the attic temperature as close to the outside temperature as possible.


 Attic Ventilation:

Ventilation can have a huge impact on the life expectancy of your roof. There needs to be enough air flow through the attic to ensure that the air is circulating both from the lower and upper sections of the roof allowing the attic to breathe and maintain a cooler temperature as well as minimizing moisture.


 Ice and Water Proofing Underlayment:

This is a membrane that provides a level of protection under the shingles to avoid ice damming. North Halton Roofing uses a premium grade that offers superior protection for your home and has a proven track record for durability.

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